Who said technology is only for the two-legged? Man is finding more and more innovative ways to make life a lot simpler than you can even imagine not just for him but also for his best friend, which does not have to be your next-door neighbor or a colleague. It could well be your dog, cat, rabbit, or even your goat.

Here is a look at some of the best tech gadgets that you as pet owner must have to pamper your pets this special year.

  1. Personal Nutritionist – Even what your pet consumes and how much it drinks can be measured and monitored through specially created pet bowls. This will ensure that your pet does not overeat or eats less than the required amounts.
  2. Grooming Devices – In addition to taking care of the inner health, grooming your pet is also important. For this, devices such as grooming gloves and paw cleaners are available at reasonable rates. While the gloves are a perfect solution to keep your house free of any falling hair from your pet’s body, the paw cleaner does an excellent job in removing all the dirt from your pet’s paws without any hassle.
  3. Smart Devices – If webcams are for human-human conversations, then smart gadgets are for master-pet interaction. There are these special balls that allow you to interact, play or keep them engaged while you are away. Moreover, technology has created a surveillance camera cum treat dispenser where you can monitor and pamper your pet with a device called the Furbo.
  4. Convenient Conveyance – If you love riding your bike or the bicycle and your pet seems more interested in taking a ride with you, then dog bike trailers are what you must have to take the little one out for some fresh air.