I was burnt out duh!

It wasn’t long before I realized that dating apps were just not for me! They were too monotonous and I was bored with meeting the same people with the same criteria. I wanted to find the Mr. Right but I knew for sure that he would never come through my Tinder or Occupied status! Funny yet strangely convincing.

Fat the receiving end eh!

I have been the butt of many jokes yet I was persistent. No apps and no virtual love. I decided that I would go meeting people meeting about in real life. So, here is what I did:

Taddaa…I went out!

Of course, I took a lot of time. It was awkward at first but there are no two ways about it. No dating apps mean sorry you have to dress up to go out and about! Which I did and boy, did I enjoy!!

The meeting of the eyes and the smiles!

Sparks can only fly if you are open-minded. So if you are at the musical or a concert or a movie even a coffee shop and you like someone across the table smile and look straight into his/her eyes. Voila!!

Something that you are passionate about!

Anything that you love doing? Check out new places to hook up with new people. If you visit places that you love, chances are high that the person whom you meet there will have similar interests and that means you have a common ground to speak about and then if it works out to hit on each other. Sounds simple eh! It’s simpler when done, believe me!

Okay, so I found my husband at the grocery store. We both were looking to buy cereals on coupons from Couponobox and we realized that we were hoarding on them while trying to calculate the money saved. We laughed at each other and within moments had eased off. Love in the most unlikely of places but yet lovely memories for a lifetime.

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