Many of us struggle with promoting our Instagram accounts whether it is personal or for business purposes. Here are the best 10 ways you can use to make your Instagram photos stand out.

1) Use best photos: We want to stay active on Instagram thinking our followers might want to see frequent posts. But instead of uploading a lot of random pictures, it is best to upload a few good quality and best photos.

2) Use a niche: You can choose to upload photos and videos for a certain niche as travel, photography, cooking instead of uploading random content.  There are so many new tools like the Instagram video downloader that followers use to get your photos and videos, and so it is important to upload good content.

3) Use your unique style: You can upload the photos in your unique style instead of copying someone else. Even if it is simple, followers might like something different than seeing the same style as others.

4) Using Hashtags: The best way of reaching a wide range of followers is using the hashtag correctly. Do not create new and random hashtags; instead, use existing and popular hashtags.

5) Too many Posts: People do not want to see too many posts with the same content, instead schedule your posts in regular intervals.

6) Interact with followers: Your followers not only want to see your new posts but also want you to interact with them. So instead of just uploading new photos or videos, sometimes reply to your followers one to one.

7) Make use of Stories: You can make your profile interesting putting up photos or videos for behind the scene stories.

8) Use multiple images: You might want to tell a story using multiple images in your posts, instead of uploading the images in separate posts.

9) Live session or question and answers: Your followers might want to know more about you, use the live session or question and answer facility on Instagram to interact with your followers.

10) Use Photo editing: Before uploading any photo, make sure you edit it correctly to make it stand out, instead of uploading the raw/original image.…