When I was leaving home, my parents were already graying:

I constantly feared to come back home to emergencies but there was no way I could help feeling bad. I thought that if I was so concerned then I had to stick here around with them or close by somewhere so that I am reachable in a few lag minutes.

But work can play spoilsport:

Career decisions were such that traveling made a lot of difference to my stamina level and I thought to myself that if I take so much pressure foreseeing a doom then something may go wrong with me in the first place.

That is the day I decided to pitch in technology. Technology can be a useful servant and we that is mum and dad decided that we would take it in our hands to make sure that emergencies do not occur in the first place and if they do god forbid then we are equipped with solution A B and C in order o save precious time

Here is how!

  1. Telemedicine:

This system enables the pharmacy close by to check on the seniors and then send the medicine delivery to the address fed into the system. The doctors can also be helpful in diagnosing the condition over the television screen.

  1. Medicine tracking applications:

It happens that a lot of seniors either forget to take medicines on time or become too careless with their health without any effective supervision. An app like this can track their medicine time and suggest a reminder.

  1. Using social media to connect with near and dear ones:

Isolation and loneliness can be detrimental to their mental and psychological health and various applications that enable video calling and voice chatting can mean that they are connected to the people that they love. For instance, the other day my dad wanted to tell me that ketosis raises body temperature and he called me when I was leaving work and I was so happy to hear that and that the diet program was working for him.

  1. Telediagnosis:

Seniors are prone to pneumonia. A recent flagship application that detects pneumonia is doing so well that its algorithms are as efficient as a human diagnosis.

  1. Post-surgery care:

Geriatric care is possible by making use of technology and this is doing wonders. You must check it out if you have aging parents and a job that requires you to be mobile.…