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18 Dec UK Video games history documentary has started filming
16 Dec Linus Torvalds: From VIC-20 to Raspberry Pi
16 Dec How algorithms secretly shape the way we behave (Guardian)
12 Dec Justin Fletcher's blog on behind the scenes with RISC OS
12 Dec RISC OS websites reporting surge of interest due to Raspberry Pi
11 Dec Inside ARM, The British Success Story
11 Dec 8-Bit Generation :What's happened to it ?
11 Dec Report into information gathering by phone apps
11 Dec Ten things you could be doing rather than FaceBook
03 Dec Try a Google on "askew"
02 Dec If new to RISC OS THEN read this!
01 Dec PONG: The inside story
01 Dec Hermann Hauser's on board... The Cambridge Project for Existential Risk
01 Dec Scientist creates functioning, virtual brain
21 Nov Five Reasons to still use a Typewriter (BBC NEWS)
19 Nov Intel's 50-Core Xeon Phi: New Era of Inexpensive Supercomputing
15 Nov Rare Enigma machine sold for £85,250
14 Nov RISC OS is currently hot NEWS. 15 links to recent headlines from ROOL
14 Nov Little idea becomes billion dollar business
14 Nov : Moore's Law is becoming irrelevant: Technology Review
07 Nov A spider crawled inside my keyboard. but don't worry, I got him under ctrl
04 Nov An Acorn Electron is currently gracing the BBC Salford office.
28 Aug Why online anonymity make the internet a toilet wall (Guardian)
28 Aug A ship anchor broke the internet yesterday
27 Aug How to locate Tranquility Base
09 Aug Bravo! Terms of Service (Didn't Read) issue addressed
05 Aug Unmanned marine drones are on the way says Guardian
01 Aug Banks are IT companies with a banking license says El Reg
31 Jul Who's responsible for the @ in email ? Wired informs
30 Jul NBC discovers that the web had an inventor #nbcfail
29 Jul Angry Birds cake (Twitter photo)
29 Jul The internet of things: ARM gets involved
29 Jul "There is no computing project that is worth a life"
20 Jul Microsoft's BIG BOOBS
15 Jul On the 80ms delay in your brain (Scientific American
15 Jul Queue chaos in Cambridge (Blog)
10 Jul From Fortune Magazine: The Death Of Cash
27 Jun El Reg scoops the story behind RBS computing glitch
27 Jun Cash victory for Bletchley revamp (BBC News)
23 Jun From the Guardian Computing events round up
21 Jun Blog: Bringing RISC OS back to life
21 Jun RISC OS impresses at London Raspberry Jam RISC OS at 3:40 (Audio)
11 Jun 4 tips on protecting your business
11 Jun The great Linkedin password hack John the ripper
28 May RIM to cut 2000 jobs (Guardian)
28 May A few famous unsolved maths problems (Good luck!)
27 May Prof Steve Furber talks to @ComputerMuseum
27 May Why I do not self-identify as a geek
21 May Cool quotes from Hermann Hauser + insight into £million investments
18 May How a mathematician paid a restaurant bill
17 May Comprehensive four page feature on the Pi in Eÿ Education(Summer 2012)
15 May Mathematicians close to solving weak Goldbach Conjecture
30 Apr BASIC instinct: How we used to code
22 Apr US abandones space to Chinese
22 Apr Photocopier humour (Twitter Picture)
20 Apr Powerful & moving. How NASA almost lost Discovery
20 Apr Word makes it, XBox360 loses it : $$$$ : Guardian
16 Apr Dara O'Briain: School Of Hard Sums on DAVE
13 Apr JACK TRAMIEL 1928 - 2012
13 Apr Obituary LA Times
12 Apr Well written obituary in the Guardian
08 Apr UK economy will thrive if Computing becomes child's play
08 Apr Virus for the Apple Macs a growing problem (ZDNet)
06 Apr Can an ARM based supercomputer become the world's fastest ?
04 Apr Teaching kids to code BBC blog
04 Apr Horizon: The Hunt for AI BBC 2, iPlayer
03 Apr Soundtrack "8-bit generation": preorder
02 Apr iPad keeps pupils' notes organised in school: Here's how
02 Apr Stuart Williams' Blog: Caught In The Micronet
02 Apr The Basics of Computer Number Theory Interactive tutorial
02 Apr Arthur C Clarke predict internet & PCs: 1974 video
02 Apr Ten CV tips for technology professionals
02 Apr Once in a lifetime: #beeb30 photos & videos
29 Mar Ayah Bdeir Building blocks that blink beep & teach (TED)
29 Mar Outstanding Blog on 1980s retro-computing
27 Mar Administering the pain of GAME collapse
27 Mar Stuart Williams launches Retro-Computing blog
22 Mar Trolls on RIP websites: The Anti Social Network (iPlayer)
21 Mar Prof David Trotter interview: Social effects of communication tech
19 Mar 10 reasons why people initially suck at programming
19 Mar 8 reasons people don't follow you back on twitter
16 Mar Just gone online: Eben Upton interview in IBT
15 Mar Ham Radio and the BBC Micro
12 Mar On the dangers of using PayPal for charity money
12 Mar Vince Cable ARM is ... shining light
12 Mar High street store Game on the brink: Shares collapse
22 Feb BBC Four documentary: The Intelligence Revolution (55 minutes)
12 Feb The ARMs Race ARM CPUs Explained
28 Jan Golden Ratio in logo designs
26 Jan Average is Over. New York Times
24 Jan Prof Furber's Fellow Award honour: Manchester University News
20 Jan BeebWiki articles updated
13 Jan Interview: Acorn's Charles Moir The Register
03 Jan Richard Stallman was Right All Along : OS NEWS

12 Dec Linux 3.7 supports 64-bit ARM.
12 Oct New AppBasic (Integrated Development Environment for RISC OS) mailing list
10 Oct ARM Board Comparison Chart
10 Aug Kickstarter in action, for those curious to know what it's about
09 Aug KickStarter: Stats from a supporter
17 Jul Hardkernel ODROID: A quad-core ARM Cortex-A9
11 Jul UK folk will soon be able to launch projects on KickStarter
23 Jun Brave folks working to get a BBC Micro emulator running on Raspberry Pi
11 Jun Apple to announce iOS6 ?
11 Jun Using open data to drive innovation
21 May 6 reasons why your 'About Us' page is losing you business
02 Feb How to reverse engineer USB devices
01 Feb Programmer sought to help with ARM assembly code in Play_It app
18 Jan Four great RISC OS programmers' resource websites:
18 Jan 1) Tofla Tofla Tofla
18 Jan 2) Peter Cockerell's ARM Assembly Language
18 Jan 3) Drag 'n Drop Programmers links
18 Jan 4) Writing RISC OS 5 32 bit neutral code
14 Jan RISC OS welcomes back developer Joe Taylor

10 Nov Large number of BBC Micro books for sale on eBay
04 Nov Top of the range Kinetic RISC PC on eBay for £355
29 Aug Copy of WIMP Programming for All on eBay
30 Jul Atlas robotic arm for £56
30 Jul Iyonix on eBay for £35: Spares or repair
13 Jul Mint Acorn Atom on eBay for £2000
08 Jul Iyonix with Aemulor on eBay for £100
17 May BeagleBoard XM Rev C on eBay for £75
17 May Also an acrylic case for it for £44
13 Mar The Micro Men DVD. Rare, legal copy sells on eBay for £32
27 Feb ACE Blaster Sound Card for Risc PC for sale £139
27 Feb Wooden cased BBC Micro with Floppy Drive on eBay
27 Feb Pheobe RISC PC II case sells for £137
17 Feb Pheobe Risc PC II case on ebay :Last one went for £155
20 Jan Iyonix with Aemulor sells for £220 on eBay

24 Nov Surds (C1) from piLEARN
24 Nov Algebra (C1) from piLEARN
08 Nov Set Theory from piLEARN
08 Nov Index Form from piLEARN
08 Nov Number Theory from piLEARN
08 Nov Trigonometry (None right angle) from piLEARN
21 Sep A-Level M1 & M2 Mechanics : Theory : Download PDF
21 Sep A-Level M1 & M2 Mechanics : Examples : Download PDF
30 Jun OMNI magazine archive
27 May BeagleBoard-XM System Reference Manual (pdf)
09 Apr Move over The Beano, here is BASIC comic
07 Apr 800 pages, PDF, 2012 Mathematics for Computer Science
06 Apr Programmer's Reference Manuals, BBC Basic Manual, Promotional Graphic, etc, etc
06 Apr All in the RISC OS Foundation private area
05 Apr Historically Brewed David Greelish
05 Apr REPLAY : History of Video Games Tristan Donovan
05 Apr An introduction to the new iPad Andrew Edney
13 Mar eBook Introductory Robotics
13 Mar eBook Rapid learning in Robotics
13 Mar eBook Robotics, Androids and Animations
13 Mar eBook PIC Microcontroller Project Book

22 Nov Updated GCSE lessons on Proportionality
14 Nov Hungry ? How about some Pumpkin Pi ?
16 Oct Indian Schools using Khan Academy to survive
16 Oct BBC Click video about the Khan Academy
14 Oct Placing maths where people can think : Toilet problem
27 Sep Bristol Computer Science student's coursework nets $100 000 prize
24 Sep Ten examples of architecture inspired by maths
22 Sep GCSE Probability lesson materials online
22 Sep A-Level Top Class SUVAT problems online
21 Sep Joke : A farmer had 100 cattle. He thought he had 97 until he rounded them up
21 Sep Infinite primes: Tidy Erdos proof
10 Aug Squares are conguent to 0 or 1 mod 4, so no number of the form 4k+3 can be the sums of two squares.
15 Jul Lovely maths clock (Photo)
10 Jul World's most technically accurate Pie Chart
10 Jul Training teachers to use iPads: Essential Apps
04 Jul The future of ICT by Daniel Stucke
03 Jul The flipped classroom: What is it ? (Time)
21 Jun GCSE's to be scrapped (BBC NEWS)
19 Jun New computing GCSE to focus on programming
11 Jun School leavers unable to function in workplace
11 May Spend more time learning less on teaching
06 May Will schools go for iPads?
01 May Why Computer Science students don't go into teaching
22 Apr A circle theorem proof like none before
19 Apr ICT lesson plan PHP programming
19 Apr With RISC OS use WebJames to serve the webpages
19 Apr 1000000000000066600000000000001 The devils prime
18 Apr Percentages & Compound Interest (piLEARN)
16 Apr Next big thing in computer education ? Digital Badges
03 Mar Interesting data and analysis on introducing iPads in schools
15 Feb More on BBC Micro 2.0
15 Feb Look what's coming back to the classroom BBC Micro 2.0
05 Feb Coordinate Geometry PDF updated (piLEARN)
30 Jan PDF worksheets on GCSE Simultaneous Equations from piLEARN
29 Jan MathsTutor V MathsWatch GCSE Maths DVDs reviewed
25 Jan Gove's plans for school ICT are 'high risk' says Prof Furber
23 Jan Teachers warned over befriending pupils on FaceBook (Guardian)
11 Jan Open Education and freedom to teach computing Blog
11 Jan Grove to scrap 'boring' IT lessons Guardian
10 Jan Raspberry Pi bids for success with classroom orders: BBC News
10 Jan Raspberry Pi will reboot computing in schools: Guardian
10 Jan Courses fail to give digital skills: Guardian
09 Jan Kit Scam costing schools £millions
05 Jan Coding 'the crappy way' : Lovely post from @codeboom

18 Dec Why Elite Dangerous is more than just a game to me
12 Dec Emulate a BBC Micro on your Raspberry Pi and then play 8-bit Elite
10 Nov Here is how to get Elite running on your Raspberry Pi: Hack-A-Day
08 Nov Seven things we want to see in Elite - Dangerous
08 Nov Original games Elite and Zarch can be run on The Raspberry Pi
07 Nov Braben striving to raise £1.25M on kickstarter to fund Elite Dangerous
18 Oct @B1lly_M0RR15 designed screens for Pullblox on
18 Oct the Nintendo 3DS : Repton BBC Micro Forever and BBC Micro Owl
25 Sep Puzzler develops "Go First" dice
08 Aug Classic BBC Micro game Magic Mushrooms gets RISC OS rewrite
01 May NyanSID on the Beeb: Classic game, great music
30 Apr Clever use of maths & psychology on TV Game Show
16 Apr MAME has been ported to RISC OS : GO PLAY!
13 Apr Botkiller 2 NOW FREE RISC OS BLOG review
04 Feb New game for the BBC Micro: Hard Hat Harry 2
04 Feb New game for the Acorn Atom: Hyper Viper
04 Feb New game for the Acorn Atom: Hard Hat Harry

22 Dec Sci-Fi Art: Feng Zhu Design
18 Oct Neat time lapse of Space Shuttle Endeavour's 26th Mission
17 Oct The web art of Dain Fagerholm (animated GIF innovator)
13 Oct This queuing GIF is utterly brilliant
13 Oct Plus an amusing GIF of Raiders Of The Lost Arc
12 Oct Animated GIF : The Birth Of Nyan Cat
12 Oct Animated GIFs : US politicians' mannerisms
12 Oct The most fun you can have with £1 : (Twitter photo)
10 Oct New RISC OS free font library continues to grow
11 Sep On-line library of RISC OS fonts launched
09 Sep Interactive Mars panoramas from Curiosity rover
15 Jul Lightening filmed at 7207 frames per second (Vimeo)
03 Jul Ten ways to zap mental blocks & boost artistic creativity
01 Jul Enjoying exploring QuickHoney pixel art
01 Jul Digital Horizon from ArtGraph Exhibition 2012
23 Jun A possible screensaver ? Psychadelectron
19 Jun The evolution of 8 bit art YouTube (7 minutes)
18 May ArtWorks now features these rather wonderful Artistic Lines
18 May ArtWorks won Best Commercial Software 2011. Buy from MW Software
06 Apr Brilliant 7 minute YouTube: PacMan : The Movie (2012)
20 Mar Tron dance (YouTube)
12 Mar Is this the return of ASCII Art ? Take a look at @tw1tt3rart on twitter.
11 Mar Make "Tartan for Raspberry Pi" your twitter wallpaper
10 Mar Online Teletext Art Festival (Love the Skull)
10 Mar Lovely GIF animation by Richard Ashbery
16 Feb The original BBC Micro font as a TrueType Font
16 Feb An up-to-date look for RISC OS What do you think?
05 Feb Very effective Visual Illusion from Richard Ashbery

26 Dec Non-silicon transistor revitalizes Moore's Law
22 Dec Interfacing projects for Raspberry Pi using RISC OS and BBC Basic
22 Dec LaPi now available
21 Dec British built Gravity Light from brain behind Psion (El Reg)
21 Dec Research in Motion ready to launch new BlackBerry, Jan 2013. (Guardian)
01 Dec ARM Cortex-A15 posts impressive performance, threatens Intel and AMD
30 Oct 50 year old ICT1301 'Flossie' restored
30 Oct (It featured in James Bond, Doctor Who & Bakes 7)
29 Oct IBM Reports Nanotube Chip Breakthrough
11 Sep Revision 2 of the Raspberry Pi to be built in the UK
11 Sep CJEMicros: Real Time Clock + Temp Sensor for Pi
27 Aug Failed Raspberry Pi case concepts
12 Aug Raspberry Pi + RISC OS + Atrix Lapdock = PiRODock (Twitter photo)
04 Aug Make your BeagleBoard portable with this powerpock
04 Aug With modification it works with Raspberry Pi
02 Aug NATO's robot-submarine engineering challenge - Video
01 Aug The 11th Doctor's TARDIS console
19 Jul Wireless keyboard & mouse for Iyonix & Beagleboard
09 Jul Vpod on RISC OS 6 inc Virtual Control Panel (YouTube)
06 Jul Custom built 1980s BBC Micro style case for Raspberry Pi
03 Jul A410/1 + VIDC Enhancer playing Zarch on VGA monitor
02 Jul Pi as BBC Micro 2nd Processor, HDMI, USB & Ethernet add on
23 Jun Turn pretty much anything into a touch activated input
21 Jun A Turing Machine made from Lego (Wired)
19 Jun IBM's Sequoia is the world's fastest computer
11 Jun SD card support comes to RISC OS
11 Jun How CubeStormer II works: Lego Rubik's Cube Solver
11 Jun Happy 25th Birthday Archie (El Reg)
29 May 100 times faster memory chips in development at UCL
27 May Motorbike built from broken car to escape desert
23 May Reviewed: Raspberry Pi
23 May Reviewed: ARMini
19 May Geeking out with a Raspberry Pi Lego case
19 May RISC OS efforts include The NutBox
11 May Modification lets Archimedes use modern monitors
05 May ARM 28nm Cortex A9 in the lab at 3.1 GHz
01 May UK Tax regime blamed as Raspberry Pi manufacture kicks off overseas
22 Apr Flexible touchscreen to launch worldwide
22 Apr Behold, the R-Comp tablet
22 Apr David Gilday's LEGO robots in MIndstorms
18 Apr History's 10 most influential robots
18 Apr Watson's next conquest: Business analytics
11 Apr Cotton Candy launches for £139
11 Apr Interest in it running RISC OS
09 Apr This ROBOT got the RISCOScode vote Morph Hex
08 Apr RISC OS running at 1.5GHz on a PandaBoard ES
03 Apr Solve Rubik's cube with NTX Lego YouTube
29 Mar Retro Comp Shop in BIRMINGHAM Entertainment World
28 Mar Increased & improved links: Install RISC OS on BeagleBoard
28 Mar Increased & improved links: Install RISC OS on Apple & Microsoft
27 Mar Julian Skidmore busy improving Fignition
19 Mar Mechanical Engineering genius: "magic gears" (YouTube)
16 Mar Tech info: Raspberry Pi mini-uart serial port built into GPIO interface.
05 Mar 3D printing yields rapid development of a Raspberry Pi case
05 Mar For Raspberry Pi, CJE Micros has in development a real time clock
01 Mar CMOS widget for RISC OS BeagleBoard & PandaBoard goes on sale
19 Feb Load UEF cassette images into a BBC Micro with UPCFS
10 Feb Mass production of Pandora is one week away
07 Feb Raspbery Pi's Broadcom BCM2835 datasheet PDF
03 Feb Case design for Raspberry Pi
27 Jan The 6502 processor has been relaunched
12 Jan Let's get those Inland Revenue rules changed
12 Jan that sent Raspberry Pi manufacture abroad.
12 Jan As a start, consider signing this ePetition
10 Jan Raspberry Pi donated to Computing Museum

02 Nov A history of computing in 20 objects. (El Reg)
30 Oct New funding secured for The National Museum Of Computing
30 Oct (Like the photo of their "BBC Micro Classroom" at the top of the article)
11 Oct GCHQ, Bletchley Park & Hollywood Myths Putting the record straight
24 Sep An Acorn BBC A3000 restoration project
22 Sep The BBC Micro Past, Present & Future BCS Article & Comments
07 Aug Amazing photo of Curiosity. parachute deployed, landing on Mars
07 Aug NASA video taken from Curiosity as it landed
07 Aug (First few frames show the heat shield dropping away)
07 Aug Classic Bÿ photo from Mars with Curiosity's shadow in foreground
05 Aug Curiousity ETA surface of Mars is 6.17am BST Monday (Video)
05 Aug Further Curiousity details
31 Jul The Acorn Archimedes Software Preservation Project
31 Jul Neat countdown to Mars landing
17 Jul TNMOC have an Acorn Pheobe on display including its PCB !
30 Jun Landing Curiosity on Mars (5 minute YouTube)
23 Jun Possibly the world's first computer animation
11 Jun The Complete Historically Brewed as a bound volume
28 May Gaming in the 1980s They Were Our Gods
05 May Demoscene Documentary The Art of Algorithms
04 May Creators of ARM Sophie Wilson & Steve Furber
01 May 8 bit generation soundtrack now available
02 Mar How Olivetti stitched up Acorn Chris Curry talks part 1
02 Mar When Acorn sued IBM Chris Curry talks part 2
02 Mar In detail: The recent history of RISC OS by Martin Bazley
19 Feb Zoë Blade's soundtrack for 8 bit generation documentary
13 Feb BBC Micro game review: Stryker's Run
10 Feb Acorn A5000 computer added to the Retro-Kit collection
03 Jan Explanation of 1985 Domesday (YouTube) Part 1 : Part 2
01 Jan Tomorrow's World 1969: School Computing with Nellie

13 Dec Arbitrary precision arithmetic features in RISC OS Lua 5.50
13 Dec (using no slow floating point instructions)
30 Aug Visual programming means anyone can be a coder
17 Jul Still available: The late Ray Favre's "Starting BBC Basic" (£16 book)
13 Jul Python 2.7.2 has been ported to RISC OS by Chris Gransden
14 Jul 6502 Assembly language programming is alive and well
16 Apr Lua for RISC OS : "RiscLua" RISCOSitory
06 Feb Charm programming language version 2.5.0 released
28 Jan Raspberry Pi start up in BBC Basic

Raspberry Pi
21 Dec Tidy article on the Raspberry Pi in today's Times newspaper
18 Dec Raspberry Pi founder has plans for a sequel in 2015
29 Oct Run RISC OS on your Raspberry Pi: "Connected Digital World" Report
16 Oct Raspberry Pi now has 512MB filling: Official Announcement
16 Oct The 512MB Raspberry Pi is now shipping RISC OS comments
21 Sep RISC OS coding tutorial on Pi from Cambridge University
31 Aug Installing & playing with RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi (YouTube)
28 Aug Gertboard analog IO for Pi: Demo code/drivers etc
28 Aug Four Pi prototyping boards reviewed
27 Aug Running the Raspberry Pi from batteries
19 Jul The Raspberry Pi made portable
10 Jul Raspberry Pi offer a $1000 prize
09 Jul Chris Hall's RISC OS SD card image for Pi goes alpha
09 Jul The SD card image of RISC OS for the Pi is here
05 Jul World's largest range of Raspberry Pi accessories
06 May The MagPi for Raspberry Pi users
03 May First issue of Raspberry Pi Periodical
16 Mar Micro Men meet Raspberry Pi as BBC Micro celebrates 30 years
16 Mar Upcoming webinar:Programming Raspberry Pi with Eben Upton
13 Mar Taste testing Raspberry Pi: FT Video ~7 minutes
12 Mar New magazine for Raspberry Pi fans: The Pi User
10 Mar TICKETS ON SALE for Eben Upton of @Raspberry_Pi
10 Mar speaking at BBC Micro 30th anniversary celebrations
10 Mar in Cambridge, 25th March at ARM HQ
01 Mar Today's Guardian Editorial is about Raspberry Pi
01 Mar "Raspberry Pi launch causes indigestion": RISCOSitory
21 Feb Is Raspberry Pi just a mid life crisis? Challenging article on ZD Net UK
21 Feb Opportunity to work on RISC OS USB Stack for Raspberry Pi
11 Feb CJE Micros is ready to supply Raspberry Pi accessories
11 Feb RISC OS on ARC Software Consultancy projects list
08 Feb Raspberry Pi news update in The Economist 09:05-13:22
27 Jan Russell Davis' blog on Raspberry Pi : Part 1 : 2 : 3
20 Jan Raspberry Pi at TEDxGranta on 12th March
15 Jan Flicker animation of Raspberry Pi logo
12 Jan eBay Pi auction end prices
12 Jan £1900 : £930 : £1020 : £989 : £1000 : £1040 : £1550 : £2275 : £2150 : £3500
06 Jan Raspberry Pi article in The Daily Mail

30 Oct 'Official' announcement: RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi
13 Jul RISC OS for Raspberry Pi aiming for beta release in September
09 Jul RISC OS File System Improvements £720 bounty claimed
07 Jul Here's what ROOL are doing for #MUGshow TODAY
04 Jul Latest progress on the Pi running RISC OS
22 Apr RISC OS Open Ltd has treats in store
21 Mar RISC OS Open Ltd are going to THE party
17 Mar Back in stock: USB sticks of RISC OS for Windows/Apple computers
15 Mar You can now talk to RISC OS Open Ltd via twitter @risc_os
08 Mar RISC OS Open Ltd now has a FaceBook page
06 Mar RISC OS Open Ltd (ROOL): "We're working hard behind
06 Mar the scenes on getting RISC OS ready for @Raspberry_Pi .
06 Mar There are all sorts of things to sort out but the port is
06 Mar progressing and we are very hopeful that we'll have
06 Mar everything released within a couple of months. #excited"
25 Feb RISC OS 5.18 released. 340 improvements. Free. From ROOL
25 Feb ROOL will brief on Raspberry Pi progress at today's South West Show
09 Feb RISC OS for Raspberry Pi handed to ROOL soon says Adrian Lees

13 Dec Biggest innovation show on the planet: CES 2013, 8-11 Jan in Las Vegas
24 Nov RISCOSitory's report on the recent RISC OS London Show
24 Nov Wakefield Show 2013 to be held on 20th April
19 Nov Lovely photo of Steve Revill presenting RISC OS Pi at London Show
19 Oct 27th October 2012
19 Oct The RISC OS London Show
19 Oct 19th - 21st October 2012
19 Oct Destination Star Trek London
09 Sep BBC Micros amongst the fun at Brighton Mini Makers Faire
16 Jul Informative MUG Show 2012 report +photos at RISCOSItory
29 Jun : R-Comp to launch Solid-State-Disk kits at July MUG Show
08 May Wakefield 2012 report from RISCOSitory
20 Apr ROOL bringing RISC OS R Pi to Wakefield Show
13 Apr Retro-Kit on exhibiting at #beeb30
09 Apr Paula Thomas on the BBC Micro's 30th Birthday Party
30 Mar Excellent #beeb30 report on CABUME. Good quotes.
21 Mar Tickets for BBC Micro Cambridge party this weekend: SOLD OUT
21 Mar Acorn Computing Fans: THE party is this weekend (El Reg)
02 Mar Thoughts & backstory to last month's Hack To The Future for kids
26 Feb RISC OS South West Show Report: from RISCOSitory
26 Feb RISC OS South West Show Report: from RISC OS Blog
26 Feb Colin Ferris is first to post on yesterday's RISC OS show
25 Feb To coincide with SW Show, Organizer on special offer online
24 Feb RISC OS South West Show 2012 preview
23 Feb All the press releases for this weekend's RISC OS Show near Bristol
16 Feb London Science Museum's Alan Turing exhibition June 2012
14 Feb Geek 2012 Games Expo East Kent

21 Dec Conversion software WMF Draw
21 Dec Open-source ARM disassembler
18 Dec Premier RISC OS browser NetSurf is adding JavaScript support
18 Dec Multi-platform Acorn Archimedes emulation ArcEm 1.50 is released
13 Dec Pre-Orders being taken for Aemulor Pro on the Raspberry Pi
11 Dec Extracting text from a PDF
02 Dec Squeek for Raspberry Pi running RISC OS: coming soon
31 Oct 'Message Pro 7' (Email & News client for RISC OS) released
30 Oct The "Nut Pi" is a collection of top RISC OS software products at a knock-down price of just £35.
30 Oct Now available from the ROOL website
17 Oct Hatari runs at full speed on PandaBoard under RISC OS
17 Oct (Hatari is an emulation of the Atari ST)
10 Oct !PlingStore RISC OS App Shop
26 Sep Classic Samba Server for RISC OS for BeagleBoard
05 Sep Aemulor realesed free for BeagleBoard, PandaBoard & ARMini
31 Aug Adrian Lees has got Aemulor working on the ARMini
10 Aug Beepcaps: Pressing Capslock gives status via high/low beep Download
09 Aug Roundup of recent updates from RISCOSBlog
08 Aug RISC OS users saddened by news of Sibelius Software demise
08 Aug Raspberry Pi compatible version of PrintPDF released
07 Aug What is the Mars Curiosity code built in ? Some answers.
07 Aug Nerdgasm! Source code for NASA Apollo lunar lander system, dated July 1969
16 Jul Can anyone help reunite Simon Walters with his BBC Basic Star Wars Game ?
11 Jul Updated: TV Guide for RISC OS
11 Jul Andrew Flegg's RISC OS RPCEmu desktop
10 Jul Andrew Flegg gets networking sorted on RPCEmu
04 Jul Email client, Message Pro updated
29 May Module to flash BeagleBoard's LEDs: How it works
28 May Dungeons of Daggorath ported to RISC OS
25 May Subtle backgrounds. Usable as cool wallpapers
25 May Browser choice: A thing of the past ?
16 May Drawing app + Tutorial embedded in a web page
09 May NetSurf version 2.9 released
09 May Massive list of new features listed
18 Apr A new version of DigitalCD for RISC OS
09 Apr A brief history of Easter Eggs in Tech
09 Apr Some RISC OS Easter Eggs
09 Apr Best RISC OS 4 eEgg: Space Invaders
08 Apr 'Snapper' screen grab update: RISCOSitory
08 Apr It's free and there's even a RISCOScode review
04 Apr Fully functioning BBC Micro embedded in a web page
04 Apr PlayIt app updated for RISC OS Get Version 1.72
03 Apr Software to organise samples and loops
02 Apr 950 Amiga floppy disks in a 400MB zip archive.
02 Apr Amiga emulator on RISC OS: Iconbar thread.
29 Mar Emulate a ZX Spectrum on RISC OS (RISCOSitory)
29 Mar Risc PC emulation on R Pi VM Twitter Photo
29 Mar BBC Miro emulation on R Pi VM Twitter Photo
28 Mar Electron emulation on R Pi VM YouTube
10 Mar Latest free software NEWS: RISC OS Blog
07 Mar A compact, readable summary What's new in RISC OS 5.18
06 Mar Users of Ovation Pro should update (free) to version 2.77s
06 Mar for using DTP app with new release, v5.18, of RISC OS
05 Mar Atari's Pong is 40 years old. El Reg pays tribute
05 Mar Study code behind RISC OS Pong with this tutorial
03 Mar Play the original space trader game, Elite, on Beebem a
03 Mar BBC Micro emulator for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc ...
03 Mar MPlayer: RISC OS movie player: MPEG, VOB, AVI, WMV etc
25 Feb New RISC OS software summarised in today's RISCOSitory 'snippets'
23 Feb RISC OS on SD card for BeagleBoard, Pandora & TouchBook
22 Feb WimpWorks IDE for RISC OS updated to work with Raspberry Pi
20 Feb New version of MusicMan to be released at RISC OS SW Show
17 Feb "Roll Up! Bleedin' edge RISC OS ROMs in stock!" says Rob Heaton
31 Jan Bernard Veasey's collection of RISC OS software
30 Jan RISC OS 6 for Risc PC & Virtual Acorn on CD for £15
25 Jan New Fireworkz Pro update announced
23 Jan Yippee ! RISC OS ROM compression system working
23 Jan ROOL site features AutoBuilder daily RISC OS updates
19 Jan New HardDisk4 build available from ROOL

User Groups
21 Nov The RISC OS North West User Group meets tonight at 7.15pm
30 Jul GAG meeting: 18th & 19th August
29 Jul Kieth Dunlop at last week's RaspberryJam
18 Jul RONWUG meeting this evening : Details
16 Jul #RaspberryJam Cambridge: The start of something special
16 Jul #RaspberryJam Cambridge: Event write up(Connected Digital World)
16 Jul #RaspberryJam Cambridge: Photographs
11 Jul TONIGHT 7.30pm Chris Hall taking RaspberryPi + RISC OS, to the
11 Jul Bristol RISC OS User Group meeting at Hope & Anchor, Jacobs Wells Road, Bristol
10 Jul The Cambridge R-Jam get a mention in TES
30 Jun Oxford Raspberry Pi User Group report
11 Jun Gathering of RISC OS fans in Essen, 16th June 2012
20 May London fans of Raspberry Pi & RISC OS may like to follow ROUGOL
14 Mar See RISC OS on 1.2Ghz Pandaboard ES ROUGOL 19th March

02 Jul Leap second takes out prominent websites
30 Apr Insane but very cool: Crazy Clock
15 Mar Summary of recent RISC OS news in German
17 Feb "Roll Up! Bleedin' edge RISC OS website!" says MiKuSite
22 Jan US Government Shuts OS NEWS


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