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In the 'good old days' there was strong rivalry between Drobe and The Icon Bar to be first to report on a RISC OS show. Competitive spirit is still around, although the combatants have changed. Now it's a three way fight between RISCOScode, RISCOSitory and RISCOSBlog. For the recent Midlands Show 2012, the latter two went for the sneaky trick of reporting the news BEFORE it happened, each with a show preview. Unwilling to stoop to such dastardly tactics, RISCOScode scooped the words from the day itself and Tweeted them as they were uttered. There's a rumour circulating that the other two, with the London 2012 Show in mind, are investing in video cameras plus live satellite linkage to pump sound and vision direct to their websites.

Rival RISCOSitory's office with webmaster Vince Hudd's recently
purchased pre-loved satellite dish outside.
Both were eBay bargains, as was the red table with two legs.

For those who prefer the chillax approach to digesting news, here are the RISCOScode edited tweets from the RISC OS Midlands show 2012, with relevant links added, along with a few photographs.
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Saturday 7th July 2012

Welcome to RISCOScode's Twitter feed live from the RISC OS Midlands Computer Show in Kenilworth, south of Birmingham. For those heading here using SatNav, the postcode is CV8 1HY, house number 205. It's a house of GOD; a church !

The show starts at 11am but, as always, the RISCOScode spies are here early, feeding back reports. i.e. Snooping. SCOOP: It's not raining. Not YET...

The CJE Micros team are setting up already and have with them what they claim is the world's largest range of Raspberry Pi accessories.

Amidst the chaos as CJE Micros set up, some Real Time Clock modules for the Raspberry Pi are evident, some with a built in temperature sensor.

CJE Micros brought to the Midlands show
"the world's largest range of Raspberry Pi accessories".
The window around the image from CJE's website shows the
RISC OS 'Blue Steel' theme which
RISCOSCode had running on their Raspberry Pi at the show.

The venue in Kenilworth (woof, woof) is a church adorned with a large banner saying "RISC OS Computer Show" on the railings outside.

There's a wedding on later in an adjacent hall. Ha! This show is a wedding of RISC  OS and Raspberry Pi. Two weddings in one Church today.

Serious Statistical Software will not be at today's show. Robin Edwards' just phoned to say he's dealing with a medical emergency :-(

Snooping: CJE Micro's have two second hand Iyonix for £350ish each plus an original developer's machine, £199. Also pre-loved Risc PCs, £90ish.

Three Iyonix computers on the CJE Micros stall at the show.
Top specification machine on the left, less so in the centre, with
a curious black cased 'developer machine' on the right.
Speed tests at RISCOScode reveal that, in general, the Raspberry Pi
currently runs RISC OS marginally faster (7%) than the Iyonix.
The Pi may be able to run RISC OS faster if the accelerated graphics
inside the Pi's SoC (System on a Chip) can be brought into play.
(The necessary information to do this on the Iyonix was never obtained)

And we're off; The #MUGshow 2012 is open. There's a couple of Raspberry Pi for sale. I wonder how long before they go.

Gone !

MathMagical Software are celebrating the classic game "pong" being 40 years old by showing off an unreleased RISC OS version. Folks enjoying playing it.

The PandaBoard is featured on several show stands. R-Comp will case one for you and set it to run RISC OS. 'Panda Play' also going on at the RISC OS Open Ltd stall. Fast.

Steve Fryatt's promoting his free CashBook accounts package. No update revealed today as he's been side-tracked recently with his other passion; theatre.

Steve Fryatt was also promoting his free PrintPDF software 

RISCOScode's Raspberry Pi running RISC OS is being much admired. Even ROOL came across to look. It's running the BLUE STEEL theme so the desktop look fab.

Jon Robinson has unreleased educational software on display. QuizMaster manages multiple choice questions. Looks fun.

 Screen shot from Jon Robinson's unreleased QuizMaster app.
Note the QuizMaster's Raspberry Pi outfit !

Informant: "CJE Micros launching an ARMini rival". Googling RaspberryRO for info. Rumoured to be a Pi, cased, with hard drive, with RISC OS.

R-Comp presentation in five minutes. Hoping they demo the new high end audio product, MusicMan HiFi for ARMini/BeagleBoard.

R-Comp presenting. Big news is Aemulor for ARMini, released next month. An old software title, Impression Publisher, shown running using it. Cool!

Popular old game, Heros of Might and Magic, being demonstrated on ARMini running Aemulor. Oldies Cannon Fodder, Mad Prof, SpeedBall all shown to work.

R-Comp boss Andrew: "ARMini, which has a BeagleBoard inside, is now a solid replacement for the Iyonix computer".

RISC OS on PandaBoard described as "Bleeding Edge". R-Comp say another nine months work needed to turn it into a serious machine.

R-Comp describing MusicMan HiFi as best creator of top quality WAV files in the world. Applause! Talk over. Next talk: ROOL.

Adrian Lees, key member of the BroadCom team that designed the SoC in the Raspberry Pi has just walked in. #WellExcited. RISCOScode will talk to him later.

RISC OS Open Ltd, ROOL, the team behind the open sourcing of RISC OS for individual use, are presenting now.

Ben Avison of ROOL says he's been working on the RISC OS drivers for the SD card on the Raspberry Pi. The data transfer is "pleasingly fast".

ROOL saying "Pressure's on to get a stable, beta release of RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi sorted for September start of coming academic year".

Photographed by RISCOScode at the Midlands Show 2012
Adrian Lees : The RISC OS man on the 'inside' at BroadCom.
Ben Avison : A mobile phone call interupted his presentation for ROOL.
The call turned out to be from fellow ROOL team member, Steve Revill.
What did Ben say, that RISCOScode tweeted, that prompted Steve's urgent call ?
 Richard Brown of Orpheus Internet, the RISC OS friendly ISP.
Vince Hudd : Of Soft Rock Software, and rival news site RISCOSitory.

Talking to Adrian Lees. He says Jeffrey Lee sorted the USB drivers that got keyboard and mouse working for RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi.

Adrian says that he's the one working on Aemulor for the ARMini. This allows old 26 bit software to run on modern 32 bit RISC OS. See tweets at 13:07 and 13:17
Adrian Lees is revisiting his Cino code. This is an MPEG 4 (DVD) player for RISC OS. He says it should be possible to get it, and Aemulor, working on the Raspberry Pi.

Adrian Lees says that at BroadCom he's working on the chip three generations on from the one in the Raspberry Pi.

RISCOScode asked Adrian Lees if this means a Raspberry Pi version 2 is likely. "I could not possibly comment".

ROOL have exclusively told RISCOScode that they hope to soon be selling an SD card containing RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi that'll also feature a ton of free apps.

As speculated at 12:42, CJE Micros revealing plans for RaspberryRO; a commercial machine built around a Raspberry Pi running RISC OS. "Coming soon".

Chris Evans, boss at CJE Micros, presenting a large range of
Raspberry Pi accessories towards the close of the show. 

Phew! #MUGshow about to finish at 4pm. Hope you've enjoyed the RISCOScode coverage. All smiling here. It's been a good show.


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