When there was a time that did not see much of technological advancement and crimes related to it, stealing was only concentrated on wallets as well as significant information and data throw by mistake in dustbins. Today, as the modes of communication have changed and we have started to use our phones to access most of the visual and written data, the criminals have moved their focus to these technological mediums. Since most of our information is present in our phones and laptops, the criminals try to steal them or hack indirectly in order to take away the information without letting us know.

It is a fact that it is extremely challenging for us to maintain our privacy today. You will have to keep a lot of things in mind while using your smartphones if you want to secure your privacy and ensure that no one gets the access to the data stores in your phones. Want to know what those ways outs are? Find some of them listed for you here.

How to ensure phone privacy

Few useful ways of protecting your phone and ensuring that the data doesn’t get leaked at listed below-

  • Make sure that you set a password pin on your smartphone. This will allow only you to access your phone, thus maintaining its privacy.

  • Whenever you install a new app, make sure that it has all the permissions to get used by users like you. The permission it asks for installation must have all the required details in its terms and conditions section.

  • Keep the ‘Find my phone’ service active all the time on your smartphone.

  • It is important for you to take all the upcoming updates seriously and keep updating the software whenever suggested by the system.

  • Make sure ‘do not track’ option is on in your system and you keep deleting the browsing history as well from time to time.

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