Many of us struggle with promoting our Instagram accounts whether it is personal or for business purposes. Here are the best 10 ways you can use to make your Instagram photos stand out.

1) Use best photos: We want to stay active on Instagram thinking our followers might want to see frequent posts. But instead of uploading a lot of random pictures, it is best to upload a few good quality and best photos.

2) Use a niche: You can choose to upload photos and videos for a certain niche as travel, photography, cooking instead of uploading random content.  There are so many new tools like the Instagram video downloader that followers use to get your photos and videos, and so it is important to upload good content.

3) Use your unique style: You can upload the photos in your unique style instead of copying someone else. Even if it is simple, followers might like something different than seeing the same style as others.

4) Using Hashtags: The best way of reaching a wide range of followers is using the hashtag correctly. Do not create new and random hashtags; instead, use existing and popular hashtags.

5) Too many Posts: People do not want to see too many posts with the same content, instead schedule your posts in regular intervals.

6) Interact with followers: Your followers not only want to see your new posts but also want you to interact with them. So instead of just uploading new photos or videos, sometimes reply to your followers one to one.

7) Make use of Stories: You can make your profile interesting putting up photos or videos for behind the scene stories.

8) Use multiple images: You might want to tell a story using multiple images in your posts, instead of uploading the images in separate posts.

9) Live session or question and answers: Your followers might want to know more about you, use the live session or question and answer facility on Instagram to interact with your followers.

10) Use Photo editing: Before uploading any photo, make sure you edit it correctly to make it stand out, instead of uploading the raw/original image.…

Gone are the days, when the film industry used to rely on age-old techniques and technologies, for getting the films done. There is a huge stark in contrast between the quality of films produced in 2018, and the films produced exactly 10 years ago. That’s the difference technology makes to the mankind in just 10 years, and it really opens up the possibilities to push new boundaries with all the new technology that one has it at their disposal. Following are some of the biggest technologies that have continued to revolutionize the film industry.

Five Ways Technology Is Changing The Face Of The Film Industry


  • Printing In 3D

3D printing has been at the forefront of the technology revolution that the film industry is seeing. Films such as ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, ‘Guardian Of The Galaxy’ or even ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ have been successfully used 3D printing to quite some extent, as the print size, quality, detail and finish, is just astounding.

  • Virtual Reality


Let’s face it, Virtual Reality is tomorrow’s future. A technology that can turn boring reality into an interactive virtual world, has changed the face of the film industry. VR will help in creating more lively and cinematic experiences for the audience, and now with the release of Oculus GO, everyone can afford a full sized VR headset now.

  • Depth Sensors


Depth sensors are another way of going away with costly 3D motion capture. Cameras in console tracking boxes like the Microsoft Xbox Kinect, whose camera has huge capabilities to depth sense a particular frame or a human body, and even track its movement. It’s much more cost effective and easier to implement.

  • Use Of Films


Many world class directors such as Christopher Nolan or J.J Abrams, have quite a fetish for age-old films for filming. For example, ‘Interstellar’ was shot on Imax 65mm or the new Star Wars films in 35mm. The amount of quality, deep colours, tones and textures that these films could provide is truly mind-boggling.

  • Use Of Cloud And New Media


Use of digital communication methods, like the cloud, really helps in fast communication between the team which is doing the film. This makes the process so much easier and efficient. Whereas, New Media is defined as the digital streaming technologies that can be seen today – Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube. One can say that a German film producer or director can Deutsche YouTube views kaufenbut it’s totally not the case. If a film is good, it will get more views on YouTube, regardless. No one can stop it from having millions of views.…