There are various tools and apps that will help the marketing professional to enjoy a day filled with chances to connect with people and engage in a conversation with them. There is a lot you can do with them when you are not around your desktops and laptops and want to do some marketing-related task on the go. You can visit website designers glasgow to design patterns on the go. Here are a few apps that are best for marketing:

  • Buffer: For different accounts, you can plan update using this app such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn and simultaneously you can keep yourself up-to-date on the statistics of the performance of every post. There has been a new version which will let the user share and schedule from within other apps such as Safari.
  • Tweetbot: This app is a very popular client of Twitter. The Tweetbot will allow the user to interact and arrange their streams got from their Twitter account in the most convenient way which will be productive for them. There is listing or channeling done separately of the stream following which it is tweeted and responded. You can also reply from inside the app directly.
  • Facebook Pages Manager: This app offered by Facebook will allow the users to manage their page which will be completely under their control. In this way, the admins can easily make changes on their business page just on the go and make their life easier.
  • Flow for Instagram: When you try to view any app page on iPad but which has been designed for iPhone, the page will look all stretched out. This problem is resolved by the Flow of Instagram app by offering display the Instagram feed that will suit the iPad. Right from inside this app it is possible to like, comment, browse and follow the people and pages you line on Instagram.