Technology continues to engulf our lives in a greater scale every year. When someone asks us if we can live without technology for a week, the first thing comes to mind is our phones. Even though human race has been in existence for thousands of years without any technology, living without our phones seem like an impossible task. Over 58% people in Britain own a smartphone and 19% have tablets. The world is at our hands with technology. Be it booking flight tickets, calling an ambulance, going to work or having fun, technology is irreplaceable. Not everyone wants to live like an Amish, right?

·        Technology Educates Us

Technology has transformed how we receive and perceive education. Knowledge is accessible now more than it ever was. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can access the world’s resources across seven continents at the click of a mouse.

·        Technology Entertainments Us

If your favorite pastime is Netflix and chill or hanging out with your friends with a PlayStation, you can’t even think of living without technology. Content is available online in vast amounts and the immersive experience it gives us is the source of our daily dose of dopamine. I love I could imagine not being able to browse through the amazing offerings.

·        It Protects Us

Technology is the key to our protection and safety. Traffic lights, CCTV cameras, security systems installed at home to defend from robberies. Our lives and houses are safer thanks to these inventions. Security cameras alert the authority when someone tries to break into your home. The invention of smarter traffic guides thousands of accidents are prevented every hour. Remember the times we used to sleep with one eye open in case a thief sneaked in? Neither can we.