People who are new to the blockchain and the cryptocurrency will be having a common doubt is how to buy bitcoin? If you the bank account then it is the easiest way to buy or sell Bitcoin with cash, credit card, debit card and by swapping cryptocurrency. The market now offers a number of ways to convert fiat into cryptocurrency. We will see about the complete guide, how to buy bitcoin and another cryptocurrency.

Before buying                                             

The most important thing before buying cryptocurrency is you have to set up the wallet to store your token where it is secured.

Buy cryptocurrency

Many options are available for buying cryptocurrency. They are

1) Buying bitcoin at cryptocurrency with cash

Bitcoin ATMs     

If you want to buy cryptocurrency urgently means local bitcoin ATM will provide you the service. This is like the normal ATM machine. It will accept the paper cash and in turn, sends you a digital token.

Local Bitcoin                                

If you don’t find an ATM machine near your area means you can meet up with in person. The website is available to have the reputable service. Trading with friends circle, the family will help you.

2) Bank transfer


To buy and sell the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and others coinbase is found to be the popular service. Buy bitcoin now it is cheap says cryptocurrency news. By using coinbase you can purchase bitcoin instantly.

Trading platforms

For the exchange of cryptocurrency, fiat currency is also accepted. Gemini, Kraken, and Bitsmap are involved in the high volume exchange.

3) With card

In 2018, it made easy to buy the cryptocurrency using cards and also some websites are also provided bitcoin for the cards.

4) Paypal

By using this option you can buy bitcoin but it has the risk as it chargebacks the sellers.

5) Buy bitcoin using gift cards  

Paxful is the site where you can buy and sell bitcoin for reward points and for gift cards also.